Friday, January 16, 2009

Honey do and charlie horse

A visit of 3-4 days at Aunt Evelyn’s has now turned into a whole week. Between this extreme cold arctic weather keeping us indoors and Aunt Evelyn’s honey-do list getting longer and longer, we are still here in Rockville MD.

The house looks wonderful. This week Bernie has painted four rooms, a ceiling and a stairwell, then put up blinds and curtains, and also fixed the front door.

This week Mar has worked on her classes, did the laundry, and prepared and packed meals that we can just reheat on the road. She also made several yummy desserts to take with us. If we have some extra pounds on us next time you see us, you’ll know why.

The work is now completed and today we are packing and getting Bella ready for the road. While we were packing Bernie’s cousin, Kathleen, came over with her massage table. She needs volunteers to give massages to so she can practice for her degree. Bernie was the lucky recipient of a very long and relaxing massage, which she really needed after working hard all week.

While Bernie got her massage, Mar continued to pack and started taking things out to Bella. It was really, really cold tonight and when Mar came out of Bella as she landed on her left foot, she got the worst charlie horse ever, now she can hardly walk and is limping all over the place.

After her massage Bernie went back to packing and getting us ready to go. We plan to leave tomorrow, after de-winterizing Bella. We are going to North Carolina.

We visited the coast of NC at the beginning of our trip when we left Florida last summer and didn’t plan to go back. But with the weather being so unpredictable, and after receiving a couple of job offers for Bernie, we decided to change our route and this way we will get to visit the other parts of NC that we didn’t get to see last time we were there.

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