Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring cleaning in winter

Today was a beautiful, crisp winter day. It was very cold with a little sprinkling of snow here and there. This place is gorgeous, it's a 70s ranch style house that is set back in the woods. A wonderfully peaceful place, with tons of bare trees and a creek.

Mar had a productive day, she did some spring cleaning and reorganized the cabinets. Now things should be easier to find.

Last night Mar showed Bernie how to play a new computer game called mahjong, and she is now addicted to it. She plays every chance she gets.

We only get a few tv channels since we don’t have cable in Bella and we didn’t get our converter box yet, but we did get to watch some of the inauguration celebration.

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  1. Hey, Next time we see you gals, we'll have to play the real MahJong, now that you know the computer version!