Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fat Freddy

When we woke up today, in the daylight we were able to see that we were parked next to a waterfall. It was pretty cool and now we knew what that sound was because all night long we could hear the water gushing into the marina. The water rushes right from under the houses, it looks like the buildings were built right over the water.

We went back to the Owl and Turtle Bookstore and this time it was open. It is a very nice bookstore, it almost reminds you of a library. In the children's section they have a very cute wishing well. If you look down inside the wishing well you can see under the building through the well’s plexiglass floor. And what do you see? The river flowing underneath. There is actually water flowing under this building. Unfortunately, it was too dark for pictures, so you’ll have to come to Camden to see it for yourself.

Next we headed for Lebanon ME, about two and half hours away. We were lucky to find a Walmart on our way and stopped to do our weekly shopping.

Today it rained the whole day! It was grey and wet. As we crossed over bridges, the sky seemed as grey as the water, monochromatic, everything was grey. The rain and the fog were terrible all day. But the temperature does seem to be getting warmer.

We came to Lebanon to meet Fred, who calls himself Fat Freddy From Maine. We met him online on a yahoo group and he offered to try to fix our mangled up step. It was already nighttime when we got to Fred’s, so he took out his big flashlight to show us where to park. We tried to find a level spot but ended up being a bit lopsided. Which is ok, we just switched our fridge to electric, in case the propane wouldn’t work. Then Fred and his friend helped us connect the water and electric and we were all set.

Fred does wood carvings and is a very talented artist. Bernie was very interested in his art so he let Bernie use his tools to practice and he taught her a few carving techniques. Bernie was having so much fun that she spent most of the evening in Fred’s workshop learning how to carve. Fred is an amazing artist, you can see his website at

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