Monday, September 1, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head

What a day, it rained all day today, lots of wind and dark clouds. There was nothing to do but stay inside Bella all day, and it was so cold too. The rain is so loud on our roof and the wind had us bobbing around like we were on a boat. We had plans for today and we feel like we don’t have time for this kind of weather.

We were lucky we had internet access so we could get online and also used the time to catch up on our reading.

Around 5 pm the rain finally let up and we went in to the visitor center to check it out. The lady inside was very nice and we had a nice chat. She told us all about the fundraisers the town does to help their local organizations, like the women’s shelter. Every year in September the community comes together to decorate pumpkins to be sold to benefit the women’s shelter. We wish we could be here for that, but we’ll have to miss it.

It started raining again but not as bad as before. There was still too much wind to drive, so we stayed put for the rest of the day. We got a day off without planning for it.

Later we noticed the kitchen window was leaking right on the kitchen counter. Then we noticed that Mar's bed was all wet on the side against the wall, under the window. We looked around and under the bed, where the fresh water tank is, and we found that one of the water hoses had come off and somehow soaked that side of the bed, it must have happened when we filled up our fresh water tank the other day. Bummer.

All we could do was hope for better weather and we kept checking the weather online, we knew to expect more rain today but tomorrow should be a better day to continue our travels.

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