Saturday, May 9, 2009

Books and books

When we got up today we were ready to hit the books. We walked into the Green Valley Book Fair, a 25,000 square foot warehouse with over five hundred thousand new books.

Today was the first day of the book fair. They open for two weeks at a time and close down for a month in between. Most paperbacks are only $3 and most hardbounds are only $5.

We were in there for several hours and when we were done, our feet hurt and we were thirsty and tired. But we had a few new books.

Then we hit the road and drove north about 45 minutes to Luray VA. First we stopped at Walmart to pick up some groceries and then found the Luray Caverns, where we parked for the night. Dinner was hot dogs cooked on the engine on the way here.

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  1. Good Morning Bernie and Mar,

    Reading your post this morning has created a monster in my home. Lenny cannot wait to check out this book fair. Thanks for the info. Safe travels. Janis