Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another day another beach

We drove to Wrightsville Beach NC. It didn't take us long to get there. Once there we found the local Catholic church: St. Theresa’s, which is one of Bernie's given names and she thought that was cool. The Church was a little hard to find, it is behind a row of houses, right on the beach. After Mass, Bernie talked to the parish priest and he gave us permission to park overnight in the church parking lot which is located behind the church and happens to be right on the beach. We could not believe our luck!

Now that we knew where we were spending the night, we set out to explore the island. We drove from the south end all the way to the north end (in about five minutes) and found the local pier halfway. This pier is solid concrete, no wood here anywhere. It is huge and quite impressive. Even the picnic tables are concrete. It was massive yet the store at the top was pretty small.

Once on the pier we noted there were not as many people fishing as we have seen on other piers, but there were a lot of surfers to watch and it was very relaxing to watch them. Suddenly there was great excitement over to one side and we went to see what this fisherman had caught … maybe a shark or a maybe bluefish … but no, it was a crab.

We went down to the beach. It was around sunset. Mar sat down to read and watch the sunset while Bernie went "hunting" for interesting things. Among her findings were the inside sole of a shoe, a pacifier, and tons of plastic bottles. There were tons of people still in the water and playing on the beach, even though it was getting dark. Bernie has this thing about not swimming at sunset or after dark because that’s when sharks feed. Therefore she was surprised to see so many people still in the water, they didn’t seem to be worried about sharks.

Once it was completely dark we headed back to the church. We found a good spot in the corner of the sandy lot. Bernie put the charcoal on the grill and then we went to explore the beach in the dark. The moon was bright and the stars were out. It was amazing. When we got back to Bella the grill was ready for our feast: Italian sausage stuffed with artichoke hearts and garlic. Dinner was scrumptious. Then we settled in for the night.

Another great day.


  1. Hello Mar, Bernie & Bella,
    Got your comment on our blog and checked yours out (a bit). Will get back to yours when we have more time. Good for you for getting out on the road and doing this! You are on the opposite coast from us or I would suggest a meeting. Perhaps next year. Keep having fun and enjoying life - you will live longer!
    Hugs, Mary & Elaine

  2. Hey girls...about the batteries...go find a regular mechanic and have him do the work instead of Camping World...also, consider AGM batteries as they require no maintenance. Kathe