Sunday, July 13, 2008

Luau and fire

Today after finding the local Catholic Church in Myrtle Beach SC, Bernie went to Mass while Mar ran some errands.

Afterwards we went to Broadway on the Beach, which is a huge shopping complex, with tons of restaurants, activities, rides, an arcade and many things to do. As we walked around (ok, we were not exactly walking yet but a doing a little better than before), we got to see bag pipers at one end of the complex, and at the other end watched a luau, which included a very exciting fire eating show (see pic). Towards the end of the show, they invited everyone who wanted to learn a luau dance to come up on stage. Of course our very own Bernie did not hesitate to participate in this opportunity to move them hips. It was almost more entertaining than the rest of the show (see pic).

On our way out we saw something that looked like huge bubbles and they were in the water. As we got closer we realized there was someone in each bubble. We stopped to investigate and found out that they were big balloons that you can get into and then get pushed out into the water and you get to float for three minutes at a time. Bernie really wanted to try but she couldn’t because of her bad ankle. We took some pictures and watched for a while, then pressed on.

When we got back to Bella we decided we were still in a beachy mood so we went back to the pier on Second Avenue to park for the night so we could spend some more time at the beach the next day. When we got there the parking lot was pretty empty because it was Sunday night so we picked the perfect spot, closest to the beach.

Bernie was pretty tired and thought she maybe overdid it with all the walking so she went to bed pretty early.

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