Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh oh not a sore throat

We were at Camping World because we have finally made a decision about how to improve the electrical system in our Bella. Mar went into Camping World to get new golf cart batteries installed. Bernie stayed in Bella, she could not move, she was not feeling well.

After checking it out, the mechanic told us there was not enough room for two batteries and that to install a battery somewhere else - in a compartment not designed for a battery - by law would require a special vented box, which they didn’t have in stock. So after deciding we didn’t want to pay the overnight fees for getting the box to the store (which would cost more than the box itself) we were left feeling pretty frustrated.

After doing all the reading and researching and trying to understand 12 volt systems, we had finally made our decision and were ready to get this done. So it was really frustrating that we couldn’t get it done and over with today, like we wanted.

Unfortunately Bernie was feeling pretty rotten by then, her throat was sore and her fever had not gone down. So we decided to stay the night in the Camping World parking lot so she could rest. A thunderstorm had just begun so there really was no point in getting on the road at the time ... Bernie took some more Tylenol and just slept the rest of the night.

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