Friday, April 17, 2009


It is not everyday you get to wake up next to a woman staring down at you who happens to be 28 feet tall and is wearing a skirt big enough to walk inside. But that is exactly where we where today when we woke up in Natchez MS.

Mammy’s Cupboard is one of a kind. She has been a gas station, a grocery store, and now a restaurant. They only serve lunch so we had to get up early to go inside.

The place was packed on a weekday. The menu has several sandwiches but it was too early for us to eat so we got a piece of chocolate meringue pie for later and headed out.

We went to the Natchez Visitor Center and got a map to help us find the entrance to the Natchez Trace. Today we drove about 80 miles on the Trace. This place is amazing, there is so much beauty, peace and quiet everywhere you go, so much wildlife and history to admire.

We stopped at several mile markers to see, learn, and feel history. Emerald Mound, built by Indians in 1400, is almost eight acres. Mount

Locust is a one room historic inn that used to charge travelers 25 cents for a meal. Owens Creek is a waterfall that is drying up so it’s more like a water trickle but the area was beautiful and the surroundings were breathtaking.

At Port Gibson we left the Trace and drove about ten miles into town to see the Ruins of Windsor. Windsor is the largest antebellum house built in the state. Shortly after it was built, an accident with a lit cigarette burned the house down. Now all that’s left are the 30 feet high columns, which are massive, and some of the grillwork. The ruins have appeared in several movies.

While we were there Bernie found a momma possum stuck in a garbage can with several babies, halfway strangled in a shopping bag so she could not get out. Bernie dumped out the can to let her out. The momma ran off but one of the babies fell off of her. We waited a while but she did not come back so Bernie wrapped it in some paper towels and we took it with us. We named him Albert because we think he’s a boy.

We went back to the Trace and once we made it to Jackson MS we contacted the wildlife rescue and they said they would come get Albert tomorrow. He is probably about 4 to 5 weeks old, he is very little, and is spending the night all cozy in a small box.

Then we found the Manship House Museum where we parked for the night.

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