Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our daily egg

This is what a week on a chicken farm has been like for us:

Our hosts have not been away from their chicken farm in almost a year so we offered to house-sit, dog-sit, cat-sit and chicken-sit for them, so they could get away this weekend. They were very happy to take us up on our offer, so once again we’re house-sitting ... or farm-sitting.

Bernie has learned egg collection. There are about 235 chickens and each day you collect between 100 to 200 eggs. After you collect the eggs, you take them inside to wash them and then package them.

Bernie replaced the floor in the cab of Bella. No more yucky, moldy, smelly carpet for us. Now we have a nice anti-fatigue, rubber mat in the cab, which will be very easy to keep clean. The chickens kept Bernie company while she worked, they were very interested in her work.

Bernie has been working on some things around the farm, making improvements to the baby chicks house by building a fence inside and adding shutters outside. She has used found material for some of the projects, so part of her time has been spent scrounging around the farm looking for usable material.

We have been having eggs for dinner every night this week. Oddly enough, in the dozen eggs we got, each egg had two eggs in it. Not just two yokes but two complete eggs in each shell. Dinners have been big with eggs, like chorizo omelets, egg salad, egg and ham sandwiches, egg burritos, eggs with pancakes, eggs with french toast, eggs with biscuits, and our very own version of the egg McMuffin. These organic eggs are delicious and they cook beautifully.

We took another trip to the laundromat, where Mar did our laundry. You would not believe how many clothes you go through on a farm in just one week, arghhhh!

We suspected we weren’t done with the leak in Bella so Bernie took out the panel under the shower and found lots of black mold there too. The bathroom floor is ruined. It seems the shower may have been the real origin of our leak after all. The bathroom is on the same side as Mar’s bed, on the driver’s side, where we first discovered the leak. Now to figure out how to fix the whole big mess …

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  1. Hi Guys,

    You didn't mention "green eggs and ham". LOL. Anyway, sounds like Bernie is getting lots of experience fixing up Bella so when you get back here everything should go smoothly remodelling our coach.