Saturday, April 25, 2009

You got (no) mail

We went back to the Unclaimed Baggage Center to take a look at the rest of the store. We spent a couple of hours wading through the sea of clothes and got several tshirts for 99 cents each. We like to cut the sleeves off for those hot and humid summer days.

Mar’s mail didn’t get here today so now we have to wait till the post office opens again on Monday. We decided to go with the flow and take the weekend to "camp" at one of the local parks.

After some research we chose Little River Canyon National Preserve. We drove about 45 minutes to the park headquarters in Fort Payne, where the website said to go to get maps and info about the park. We needed the map to locate the three free campsites.

When we got there they were already closed and there were no maps outside the building. We headed towards the park and drove up a mountain, getting lost a bit. Finally after crossing over a bridge we got to the park’s parking lot. There were no maps in the map holder here either, the box was empty.

We decided to try to follow the signs and we took the scenic drive into the park. Suddenly it got dark before we realized it and the road was pitch black. We drove up and down hills and around curves, until we found a lookout spot where we could spend the night.

We were hungry by then and had eggs and biscuits for dinner. These are the delicious, organic eggs we brought with us from the chicken farm. After dinner we got to catch up on our reading while listening to the silence all around us. The only sound was the rush of the river below us. It was so peaceful and relaxing, so quiet and so dark … and so hot … it was a sweltering hot night.

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