Monday, June 22, 2009

The 27th state

After such a fun night at the drive in, it is very different to wake up here. The place is totally empty now, we are the only ones here, and it looks like that scene in the movies of the empty, lonely town with only a huge dust ball blowing through it.

We got ready to go and then drove east almost three hours to Bloomington IN. We did not take the highway, opting instead for the scenic route that took us through many small towns along the way. Time seems to have stood still in these towns. There is very little sign of modern progress. You can go miles and miles without seeing a fast food place or any mega stores. It is a nice change of pace.

After about an hour of driving, we crossed the state line from Illinois to Indiana, making it the 27th state we have visited since we started our trip last summer. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can see a map of the states we’ve visited so far. The white ones are the ones we have left to see.

Once we got to Bloomington our gps, Lola, took us to Bernie's next job. Merribeth has moved to a new house and emailed us to hire Bernie to fix up a few things at her old place. This is where we’ll be staying while Bernie works.

When we got here we took a look around and hooked up the water and electric. We met Merribeth and her huge dog, a German Shepherd and Akita mix. We sat and spoke for some time while getting to know each other.

Then we called it a night and tomorrow Bernie will start her work here.

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