Saturday, June 27, 2009

A second look

We took our time getting started today, we spent some time relaxing while looking up things to do in the area. Since we are so close to Kentucky, we decided to go to Louisville.

We had the address to two farmers markets that were open today till 7 pm. The first one was in the downtown YMCA parking lot, but it was already closed when we got there. So we went to the next one, about 20 minutes away and got some produce.

Then we went to W.W. Cousins, listed in the Food Network Magazine as the best burger in Kentucky. You order at the counter, wait for them to call your name, and then you take your burger to the toppings bar, with lots of goodies for you to choose from. It was a good burger, but not the best in our book.

Then we drove around downtown Louisville admiring the buildings and the sidewalk art sculptures. There are life sized horses in almost every corner, all painted in different colors and patterns. We saw a parked limo completely covered in red shiny stones. It was so funky, we had to drive around the block to go back and take a second look.

Then we went to Fourth Street, a restaurant and shopping complex, where we walked round for a bit.

Then we went to Waterfront Park, a huge park right on the Ohio River, with lots of different areas. We went to the waterplay area and got in the water up to our knees, joining all the kids there who were having so much fun.

After that we got a movie from RedBox and parked for the night behind some cute shops on Frankfort Avenue to go exploring tomorrow.

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