Sunday, June 21, 2009

Closed on Sundays

We woke up in the Barnes & Noble parking lot and it was hot. Even though we had parked in the shade, it was still too hot.

We went to see the Lawrence Memorial Library designed by Frank Lloyd Wright but it is closed on the weekends. We only got to see the outside which was not designed by FLW.

We then drove east an hour to Decatur IL to see the Scovill Oriental Gardens. The gardens were very beautiful with several sculptures, but somewhat overgrown, and we were disappointed at this.

We drove east another hour to Arcola IL. We went to the visitor center but it was closed. We drove by the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Museum, which was also closed.

We were sad about that but we got to see the Hippie Memorial while we were there and that was a pleasant surprise.

Then we drove south an hour and a half to Newton IL. First we stopped to get some groceries and then headed to the Fairview Drive-in to see “Up” and “Land of the Lost”.

How do you spell fun? … The smell of popcorn in the air … lighting bugs flashing before the screen … the soft breeze drafting in the windows … kids laughing and people going to the snack bar … this was our night and we spent it at the drive in. That’s how we spell fun!

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