Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life is good

It was pretty hot when we woke up today so we decided to get going pretty quickly. We found the Round Table Literary Park at the Hopkinsville Community College.

We walked around the park where we saw a replica of King Arthur's Round Table, the Muse of Tragedy, a Greco-Roman amphitheatre, the Delphian Tholos Temple, and the Sword in the Stone.

Bernie tried to pull the sword out. She did not succeed but wants everyone to know that she loosened it.

Then we headed west on Highway 68 once again in search of more yard sales. We stopped at a few sales. Mar found brand new ‘Life is Good’ socks for $2 per pair. Their retail price is $7. She was a happy camper.

We drove over some beautiful bridges and drove through the Land Between the Lakes. We finally made it to the end of Highway 68 in Paducah KY.

There we went to a very cute coffee shop, called Etcetera. Mar got the Spanish Latte and Bernie got the drink of the day: ginger tea with lemonade.

We left there and continued on our way west. About an hour later we got to Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, MO, the home of the ‘throwed’ rolls.

There were so many people waiting outside for a table that we didn’t think it was possible to get in, at least not without starving to death first.

When we asked how long the wait was, they said at least an hour. Then the hostess handed us a number of someone who had left. The number was called in less than ten minutes and we couldn’t believe our luck. We had fun eating and catching the rolls thrown at us. These rolls are big, hot, and delicious.

Then we drove north for about two hours to Saint Louis MO. Downtown was alive on this Saturday night, there were tons of people everywhere. We drove by The Arch and will go back tomorrow to have a better look in the daytime.

Then we found a casino parking lot to spend the night. The casino is right across the river from The Arch so we can see it in the distance.

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  1. bernie, i bet next time you rip it right outta there!