Thursday, June 4, 2009

Loving Frank

Our day was filled with driving and not much else today. We drove over five hours, first south on I-79 and then west on I-64 and I-52.

To pass the time Bernie decided to read aloud while Mar drove. We chose a fictional book about Frank Lloyd Wright, called “Loving Frank”. We got through several chapters today and it does make the time go faster.

While we were in West Virginia we kept seeing signs for Biscuit World. We decided it was a must see. We ordered the 5 for $5.95, where you get to mix and match any five of the biscuits they advertise.

We chose two fried apple biscuits, two egg and cheese biscuits, and a potato melt biscuit. These biscuits are huge, bigger than a hamburger bun, and pretty yummy too.

Then we drove through the southern tip of Ohio and crossed the Simon Kenton Bridge into Kentucky. We’ve never been to Kentucky before. Finally a new state for us, we have not been in a new state since March. We found a hotel in Maysville KY to park for the night.

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