Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drum circle

We were both feeling a little under the weather today so we decided to stay put. Since we had free wi-fi we sat down to watch the last few weeks of the Big American Road Trip that we missed.

Afterwards we knew we had to find a dentist because Bernie had a fever and her face and throat felt swollen. Lucky for us it only took a couple of phone calls to find a dentist in Douglas MI that could see Bernie today.

The staff at Dr. Raebel’s office was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Raebel said Bernie has an infection, prescribed her an antibiotic, and called a specialist for her. The problem seems to be with the root canal she had done a few months ago.

We went to the Saugatuck Drug Store to pick up the antibiotic and since we were both hungry, tired, and not feeling well, we asked where there was a good place to get a burger. They recommended Phil’s, right next door and that’s where we went. We split the ahi tuna appetizer and the gorgonzola burger. The appetizer was delicious and we both agreed this is one of the best burgers we’ve had.

Then we went to Shore Acres Park for the drum circle there tonight. This was our first drum circle. The drum instructor had brought extra instruments for those who didn’t have one. Bernie jumped in the circle and started playing, she even led one of the circle songs. It was a ton of fun and what a beautiful day for it.

Then we drove to the post office in Douglas MI but there wasn’t much parking so we went to the library, a couple doors down, to park for the night.

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  1. I've vacationed in Saugatuck a few times when the kids were little and stayed at the KOA there. Loved all the antiques and the S.S. Keewatin was great to see. The houses built on the side of the hills were fun to see also. If the fudge place is still there they use to give out samples--best tasting fudge around.