Monday, August 3, 2009

Some more errands

Today we woke up at the post office in Williamston MI. We went inside to get our mail and shipped some things.

Then we started our journey to finish our list of things we need to get done before we go camping later this week. We went to get our tires checked and decided to get the tires rotated and balanced. It was time to get it done, we knew it was needed.

We found a tire place called Tire Factory and the guy who helped us was very nice. He got us right in and got the job done quickly. He even took the time to check out the breaks. He answered all of Bernie's questions and that's a lot.

After this we headed to Staples to print some flyers so Bernie can advertise her carpentry and handyperson business. Then we headed to meet our new friends.

Larry and Christina follow our blog and when they found out we’re in Michigan, they emailed us to invite us to park in their driveway. We pulled up to smiling faces and open arms. They offered us the use of their shower and washer and dryer. They treated us to dinner and cake!

While Mar did the laundry, our new friends helped Bernie try to set up the satellite dish, but we still can't get it to work. Mar is disappointed that she still can't watch the Food Network in Bella.

After a full day we finally retired to Bella, where Mar went to work on the new online class she’s teaching.


  1. do you subscribe to a satellite service and is the food network on it? do you also get the internet thru your sat service? I dont think the dish is much good without the subscription.

  2. We've used two services. I can't remember which, but one of them had the food network on the cheapest plan.

  3. Our internet is not with a satellite service. For our internet we have a verizon data plan.

    For the dish we have the pre-paid plan, so we don't need a subscription. If we can get the dish to work, then I can watch the Food Network and that would be great!