Monday, August 17, 2009

Good breakfast and great produce

We started our day with a knock on the door. It was Danielle with carrot cake and milk for us. She brought us breakfast! It was so sweet and we appreciated it so much. The people here have been wonderful to us.

Bernie went back to work today washing more outside walls. This takes a lot of scrubbing with detergent and brushes on long poles.

In the late afternoon we rode our bikes to go to the post office and the weekly farmers market. It was warm and muggy today, but it sure is nice to be able to ride our bikes.

The farmers market was small but the produce was lovely. We bought some small golden yellow plums that we’d never seen before. They are very sweet and juicy and they are called Shiro Plums.

Our dinner tonight was quiche, which was left over from breakfast, and it was delicious. Later Danielle came to tell us that one of the cottages didn’t get cleaned today after the guests checked out, so we could use go in and watch tv.

The bad news is there was no Food Network. The good news is that we sat down in time to watch the Great American Road Trip. Next we watched My Name is Earl and then we called it a night.

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