Monday, August 24, 2009

Time flies

Today we were able to take some time for ourselves and rode our bikes into town just like we did last week. This made us realize that we haven’t posted to our blog in a while. We don’t really have anything new to report. The past week has been spent working. Lots and lots of work.

Bernie has been working on some big projects for the B&B, mostly outdoors, working long hours, and now has a suntan to show for it.

Mar has been busy with the new class she’s teaching online and spending a lot of time job hunting online, she would like to find more work she can do online.

Sometimes before the rooms at the B&B get cleaned Mar has been able to watch the Food Network, while working on her laptop. This makes her very happy and makes the work go quicker.

The weather has been quite unpredictable this past week. Most nights it has been nice so we don’t even need the fan. Other nights it has been down right chilly so we had to pull the space heater out of storage. The days have ranged from wet and cold to sunny and hot. It is most unusual weather.

Today we went to the post office to pick up our mail and ship some things. Then we went to a very cool store called Del Sol. Everything in the store changes color when exposed to the sun. We had a coupon so now we own a very cool, free Del Sol glow in the sun tote bag.

We decided to treat ourselves to ice cream at an old fashioned ice cream fountain in town. It is all the way in the back of the Saugatuck Drug Store and has the traditional counter with red stools. We shared a chocolate shake and we almost couldn’t finish it. The ice cream was so good we took some home with us.

After that we headed back to the inn. This place is busy all the time. They are full or nearly full every night, both on the weekends and on weeknights. The B&B is very quaint, the rooms are beautiful, and the breakfast is delicious. A perfect place to spend some time off.

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