Saturday, August 15, 2009

The work begins

It was another beautiful day today but quite warm. It looks like it will be quite hot for the next few days. Not exactly good timing for the warm weather, as Bernie will be working mostly outdoors this week.

Today Bernie started to work on the project list for the B&B. She swept cobwebs and started washing the outside of the buildings. There are three cottages, a garage with a loft, and one huge main house. Bernie made some headway today.

The B&B is very busy this time of year but Danielle was nice enough to figure out the housekeeping schedule to give us a chance to do our laundry. So today Mar got to do the laundry. It’s always nice to have clean laundry so we are very grateful to Danielle.

After a long, very hot day we were able to sit down to a nice dinner. Danielle said that we can have the leftovers from breakfast if there’s any. Since we don’t eat breakfast the leftovers can be our dinner, and this works out really well for us.

Today it was egg and sausage enchiladas and coffee cake. It was a great dinner, the enchiladas were delicious and the coffee cake was light and sweet. It had nuts but no cinnamon, which makes it even better because Mar loves nuts but doesn't like cinnamon. We are happy to say it is some of the best food we have tasted.

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