Saturday, August 9, 2008

Around the campfire

After plenty of rain during the night, which sounds very loud on our roof, we finally woke up to some sun today. We were happy to see the sun. Bernie got up, got dressed and got busy around Bella and the campground. She was able to finish up a couple more things from her to do list.

Then we got our things ready to go shower in the campground’s bathhouse. The bathhouse in the campground gets about 3 stars. The bathhouse on the second floor of the store/front desk gets 5 stars. That’s where we went to shower.

This KOA campground is very nice with planned activities for the kids and families. They even had karaoke tonight.

After our showers, Mar gave Bernie a haircut. This is only Mar's second attempt at cutting hair. Bernie is either crazy or very brave. But in the end it came out great.

Then Bernie went back to work. She cleaned the back of Bella with a new product to wash RVs without water. It works well and really helps keep the shine. After that, we finally put up the travel map on the outside of Bella, showing the states we have already visited. We hope to add many more states to our travel map.

Then we were invited by the RVbuddies to sit around the campfire and eat together, everyone was bringing their own dinner. It was really nice to sit and chat with everyone. The ladies are super nice and we loved listening to all their travel stories and telling them ours. There were plenty of extras so everyone shared the corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, and bundt cake for dessert.

After everyone went to bed, we went back to Bella and watched the Olympics.

We want to give a shout out to Grandmother Maryanne. When we left her house she was kind enough to give us some money. Because it was a gift we had been saving it and hadn’t spent it. Well, it came in handy on the way here because it was the only cash we had when we found out we would be going through toll after toll, almost $30 worth of tolls to get here. Thanks Grandma, you saved the day!!

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  1. I understand you want to go to Montreal after this.

    Places to see in Montreal:

    Old Montreal
    Notre-Dame Basilica
    Notre-Dame du bon Secours
    (Take a buggy ride to orient yourself first, then go back to places you saw)
    Musée de la Pointe à Caillières
    Olympic Stadium, including the Biodôme
    The Botanical Garden, especially the Japanese gardens.
    Oratoire St-Joseph
    Montreal underground
    Take a ride in the Métro
    Also, this will seem a bit odd, but Montréal has the only Gourmet McDonalds restaurant in North America, they serve gourmet coffee and deserts, worth going to see, just for the kick.

    Hope that helps