Sunday, August 10, 2008

Driving in the rain

We woke up with the knowledge that today was our last day at the KOA and the RVbuddies rally. Sad but true. We had all those little things to do to get ready to leave: cleaning, packing up, doing dishes, and putting everything away. It is always a tedious task and just hope we remember to strap everything in and unhook everything.

We decided to do our laundry before we headed out. This way we know the laundromat is clean and safe, while we still had time to pack and visit.

As the laundry dried we headed over the RVbuddies’ campsites to say goodbye to our new friends. Remember that we love our wrenches :-)

It was cold and starting to get dark. The sky was ominous looking and the thunder would sneak a roar in every now and then. We knew we had to hurry to make it out and down the mountain before the torrential down pour came down on us.

Then we drove to Champlain NY in the rain and Bernie got to drive today. It was a beautiful drive with mountain ranges covering the horizon, clear creeks meandering down the mountains, and some tiny bridges reminding you of books you might have read.

Champlain is almost to the Canadian border and we spent the night there. We got off on exit 42 and looked for a good place to park for the night. We drove through the tiny downtown but could not find a place to park. We went back towards the exit and found a restaurant which had a huge parking lot. Bernie went it to ask if we could stay the night and they were very welcoming so we stayed.


  1. Good luck from a "wrench"... very big grin! adk nan

  2. Hi Bernie and Mar, I love your blog. It's very exciting to read your stories. Have fun in Canada!