Monday, August 4, 2008

The world of camping

We got up by 8:30 am this morning to give Camping World all day to work on our Bella. This took quite a bit of effort. Mar tried to sneak in some more sleep as they started to work. They were on to her and we ended up in the customer lounge with our blankets, pillows, and of course Mar’s laptop.

We didn’t have access to Bella while the work was being done and we needed to get some coffee and something to eat. Tom, the manager, was great. He lent us his truck to go to Dunkin Donuts. We got donuts for them as a bribe. The truck has a manual transmission and when Bernie stepped on the clutch she realized, as pain shot thru her foot and leg, that her sprained ankle is still not completely healed.

After waiting all day in the lounge, Tom lent us his truck again to go get groceries, but this time Mar drove.

At quitting time we were told the work wasn't completed yet, they needed to continue tomorrow which meant we would have to stay the night.

We went back outside to plug in the electric and nothing worked. Five minutes before the store closed Bernie went in to ask Tom about it. Tom came to our rescue. He graciously offered to put us up in a hotel for the night courtesy of Camping World. Having been out of the rv all day, at that point it was just too complicated to pack up our things and leave the comforts of our “home”.

But if we stayed, that meant having no ac tonight so Bernie asked to borrow a fan and Tom was able to provide us one. Bernie was able to rig us up so we had everything we could need to be comfortable for one night (except ac of course).

We decided to stay and do some spring cleaning. We cleaned out drawers and cabinets. We reorganized and shifted things around. Bernie reorganized the outside compartments. Now things fit better and we have a clean Bella.

We got a movie from RedBox and we spent the night in the Camping World parking lot, again.

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