Friday, August 22, 2008

We're relocating

With our aching bodies we went back to work again. We were so sore everywhere that we toyed with the idea of taking the day off. But instead decided to “just do it” and get it finished. So we let Andy know today would be our last day. He invited us to come to his house after work today and park in his driveway. We did take him up on that because tomorrow Bernie will start on the wall in his basement.

In the bookstore we moved a ton of books today and rearranged a lot of stuff, more than we have done in previous days. We pushed ourselves hard so that we could finish today. It was worth it. It took three large iced coffees for each of us and several long hours of nonstop work, but we persevered and we did it. It felt good and the “regulars” keep telling us how great the store looks now.

Because it's Friday, the store stays open later, so today we worked till 8 pm.

After work, we went to Andy's house. He was waiting to help us hook up the water and electric. Then he gave us this huge head of cauliflower from his garden and this delicious veggie salad. All the vegetables are from his own garden and they were amazing. The veggies complemented our leftover spaguetti from last night really well, so we had a good meal.

And if that wasn’t enough, Andy likes to share his hard ice tea with us, which is something we had never tried before, and it is very good. We like it, it is very refreshing.

One of Andy’s friend came over on his bike tonight and Bernie went out to hang out with them, and everyone played kickball in the field next to Andy’s house. This place is very cool, lots of trees, and open spaces, with the mountains in the distance, and almost no lights anywhere near so you can clearly see the sky full of stars. Very cool.

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