Friday, August 15, 2008

Quechee Quechee

We are amazed at the pure beauty of the Northeast. These Vermont mountains are absolutely beautiful. We marvel at the vast scope of greenery dotted with yellow and white and purple, and the gorgeous covered bridges going to places you only dream of.

As we drove today from Walmart to the Quechee Gorge we followed winding roads going up the mountain. The gorge is absolutely breath taking. The gorge is hundreds of feet deep. Standing there looking down you can’t help but feel awed.

Next we headed for Ludlow VT. We drove for miles alongside a wide river, the road followed the same direction as the river. The water, the rocks, the trees, it all combines to give you one amazing view.

We went to Ludlow to pick up Mar's mail, which was forwarded to the local post office there. Ludlow is where Bernie lived several years ago. She was happy to visit again and see how things had changed. We ate dinner at a small pizza place where Bernie used to frequent for their baklava. The pizza was good and the baklava was even better.

Then we headed to the Camping World in Chinchster NH. This was also a lovely drive, we drove while taking in all the beauty on the way and the quaintness of the towns we drove through. We spent the night in the Camping World parking lot.

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