Monday, February 9, 2009

Heading south

Today we got ready to leave and then went to get our propane tank filled for .99 cents a gallon, good deal. Sun Coast also had the cap we needed for our fresh water tank and it was only $2.

Then we drove about an hour south on I-65 to Montgomery AL. We went to the Blount Cultural Park, where there are museums and gardens, this is where many cultural events take place. It is a lovely park with gorgeous buildings right next to the water. The weather was perfect today and we got some great pictures, including a beautiful sunset.

After that, we went to Books A Million so we can use their wi-fi with our book card. We looked around the store a bit and then parked for the night. The weather is so pleasant, we don't need to use either the heater or the a/c. This is very nice.

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