Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moose tracks and turtle tracks

When we got up we had a note from Will on our windshield. Because he had business to take care of in town we didn’t get to say goodbye in person. We got our cups of coffee and got ready to leave. Bernie disconnected the electric and then we drove up to the water faucet to fill up our fresh water tank.

We drove about 45 minutes to Athens TN to the Mayfield Dairy for a tour of their plant. They made us put on red hairnets before we started the tour. It was interesting to see how milk and ice cream are made and packaged. After the tour, of course we had to sample the ice cream. Mar had the coffee house fudge and Bernie had the moose tracks and turtle tracks ice cream.

Back on the highway we found a Denny’s and decided to use our coupons for the free grand slam breakfasts. We really like eating breakfast for dinner. When we got out at Denny’s we noticed there was quite a bit of water on the ground next to Bella. Looking closer we realized there was no cap on the hole to refill the fresh water tank. Because Bernie had changed her routine when we disconnected at Will’s house earlier today, she forgot to put the cap back on and now it was gone, never to be seen again.

Afterwards we drove about 45 minutes to Chattanooga TN. In downtown we drove by The Passage, a path of steps that water flows down from, it is the beginning of the Trail of Tears, and along the path are different Native American symbols. But it was under renovation so we couldn’t go in and just looked from outside.

Then we went to see the Walnut Bridge, this is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. We wanted to walk the bridge but it was way too cold, so we walked the first part, just to see the bridge. Then we discovered that right next to it there was a footbridge made of glass.

After that, we headed to Camping World where we planned to park for the night but when we got there we saw that this CW has its own small campground right there. We never stay at campgrounds but it was cold tonight, so we decided to bite the bullet, break the bank and spend the night warm and cozy with electric hookups, water, sewer, and cable. That was nice for a change.

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