Friday, February 27, 2009

Train on water

Today we woke up on the beach on a lovely, sunny day. Bernie took some time to walk the beach but the water was really cold and it had a lot of sediment, pretty gross.

When Bernie couldn’t find her phone charger she realized it was probably still back at the B&B where she had plugged it in to charge her phone. So off we went back to Oceans Springs MS to get it, and there it was, right where she had left it.

When we got back to Biloxi MS, we stopped at the Katrina Memorial. It is a memorial dedicated to the gulf coast victims of Hurricane Katrina. It is a glass tile mural of a wave and a 12 ft tall black wall representing the height of the storm surge in the area. There is also a glass case containing various items from destroyed buildings. The memorial just takes your breath away.

Then we got gas and ran some errands. We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where we found the space saver bags we were looking for so that we can store our winter clothes. We used their 20% off coupon and a gift certificate we had.

We met a couple that has been following our blog. Pennie and her husband met us in the BB&B parking lot. They’re great, fun loving people. They gave us lots of tips and it was really nice meeting them. Pennie wrote about us in her blog, you can read it here: Meeting Bernie and Mar.

Then we drove west on 90 and went to dinner at Darwell’s CafĂ© in Long Beach MS, a restaurant featured in the Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives show on the Food Network.

Darwell’s is a hippy, gypsy, lively, funky restaurant. Both Darwell and his son were very friendly and asked us a lot of questions about our RV travels. It is a great place with a very friendly staff, lots of unique art and artifacts everywhere, and tonight they even had live music.

For dinner we had the prime rib sandwich and the pork quesadilla. They were both really good. Bernie really liked the prime rib and Mar really liked the pork.

Then we kept going west on 90 and after the Bay Saint Louis bridge, we turned left onto Beach Road to find a spot to park for the night. After a few blocks we saw train tracks going over the water and since the road was closed right before the tracks, we decided to park right there by the water.

A little while later, the first train came by and we got to watch it come over the water. It was pretty cool but we hope there aren’t very many trains tonight or tomorrow morning … after all, we need our beauty sleep. We better find those earplugs tonight.

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