Thursday, February 26, 2009

What was that loud noise?

It is time to go. The road has been tugging at Mar's heart for a couple of days, she is ready to hit the road. She worked hard today reorganizing the inside and getting Bella back to spring/summer mode.

Mar has started a new training for a new online class and has to spend even more time on the computer every day. She has to do homework and there is so much reading and writing to do, is like being in school all over again.

It took Bernie the better part of the day to finish up the last details on the honey do list for the B&B and to pack up Bella. This included packing up all her tools and ladders, and putting up Mar’s pink tricycle, which has to go up last after everything else is in place on the back of Bella.

On one of her trips to the hardware store this week, Bernie found a pulley system that made putting the tricycle up so much easier and we were happy about that, as it is quite a chore, it takes two people.

Finally, it was after dark by the time we were pulling out of the driveway. We were happy to be on our way.

Our first stop was to take pictures of the new bridge between Ocean Springs MS and Biloxi MS, and the great murals under it. The old bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Then we headed up the two mile bridge towards Biloxi. About half way across we heard a really loud noise and we saw a car pull up beside us honking and waving and pointing. Bernie looked out her side mirror and saw sparks flying behind us!

We pulled over and oops! … Bernie had forgotten to strap Mar's bike on after we pulled it up into place with the new pulley system. Luckily the bike was still attached so we were just dragging it behind us. We put the bike back on and made sure to strap it good this time. Then we were off again.

By now we were way too hungry and dead tired so we decided to go get something to eat and forget about the couple of errands we had planned. We drove about 20 minutes to a restaurant in Gulfport MS recommended on the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show. It is located at the end of a road, right on the water.

The Blow Fly Inn is a two story yellow building, nothing fancy but the food was very good. We had the fried green tomatoes and the Greek Salad with marinated prime rib slices. The salad was good but dessert was even better, we had the pecan pie. That is, after we removed the big black plastic fly they put on every plate which you get to take home as a souvenir, or maybe as your new pet.

After dinner we headed to the beach where we found parking right on the water in a casino parking lot. We could hear the waves as we fell asleep and the strong winds rocked Bella from side to side all night.

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  1. WOW on the bike. have you guys thot of folding bikes that would take up less room and be easier to stow? or no bikes? if they aren't being used at least 80% of the time you're parked, it might not be worth lugging them around.
    Bernie seems to be working herself too hard. I think she needs a vacation.