Friday, February 6, 2009

First Friday

After our cup of coffee, we went inside Camping World to buy a cap for our fresh water tank. Turns out they don’t sell just the cap, you have to buy the whole mechanism deal for $10. Too much for just the cap we need, so Bernie used an orange juice top and taped it in place to cover the hole, until we can find the right cap.

Then we drove about an hour and a half to Gadsden AL. As soon as we entered Alabama, we noticed the time changed. We stopped at the Visitor Center and they told us we were now in the central time zone. This is good, we were happy to gain an hour.

When we got to downtown Gadsden, we saw that finding a place to park was not a problem. There are several free municipal parking lots conveniently located. Broad Street was closed for the town’s First Friday event, so we parked and walked towards the music. The streets were lined with shiny, spotless show cars, the stores were open late, and there were kids performing on the street. It was still a bit cold tonight but this was a fun event for a Friday night.

When we got hungry and too cold to be outside, we went back to Bella. Then we found one of the municipal lots between two buildings and decided to park there for the night. This is our first night of boondocking in months, so we turned on our generator and settled in for the night.

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  1. wow it takes a lot of online time to max out 5G's. I was told by verizon that they put a limit on the plan due to movie downloads, but if not downloading movies it would take being on line a lot to use 5Gb's.
    however i just updated my garmin GPS maps and that was $70 and 2 gb download.
    try library's. you can usually pick up freee wifi in their parking lot if near the bldg.
    also i think there is a list of free wifi places on-line for whatever town you are in. most McD's have free wifi and maybe motel parking lots, truck stops, hwy rest stops.
    it might be worth it to stay at a CG once/week on a passport am membership, just to get the wifi.
    well hope you can work it out.