Wednesday, February 4, 2009

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

The first thing we did today was swing by the local post office to take care of an errand. The post office was about 10 minutes away.

From there we drove another 10 minutes back to downtown Knoxville to go see the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Today they were offering free admission to all females in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. We learned about the history of women's basketball and got to play around, Bernie even got to shoot some hoops. Very cool place and worth a visit if you're ever in east TN.

When we left there we drove south for about half an hour to Lenoir City, TN where Will lives in a ranch house he is renovating. Will is a member of one of our yahoo groups, who had emailed us to offer us his driveway with water, electric, and wi-fi.

When we tried to fill up our water tank, the outside faucet was frozen, so Will brought out a heater to thaw it out. That worked, so we got water, parked under a tree next to the carport, and hooked up the electric.

Will had planned to cook dinner for us but decided against it. Instead he took us out to dinner at Aubrey's, a local chain restaurant new to us. Dinner was fabulous. We had a tender and delicious hawaiian prime rib and a wonderful turtle cake a la mode for dessert. Through dinner we enjoyed a bottle of red wine along with interesting conversation, while getting to know our new friend, Will.

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    Enjoying the blog and I thought I'd give you a tip.

    In Blogger, when you type in an url, look up to the menu bar where the "Post Pictures" link resides. A few over to the left is a small chain icon. If you select your url (or any word or phrase in the blog) then click the chain icon, a window pops up that conatins a text box. Type in the url you want to link to and the highlighted text in the blog becomes "hot", ie you click on it and it goes directly to the web page.

    Keep on posting ladies, it's fun to read.