Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bella to the campground

It was a hot night last night. It was so hot this morning that the heat woke us up early. Once we were up we decided to go to a local coffee shop for some AC and wi-fi and iced coffee.

The coffee shop we found was a little store in a row of shops. It is called Muddy’s Coffee House. They have sandwiches and lots of interesting coffee drinks. We shared the turtle mocha iced coffee. It was delicious and refreshing.

When we left there, we drove around downtown Kansas City MO. It is pretty neat for a downtown. There are unique sculptures and whimsical artwork almost everywhere you look. There is a wall made of recycled water bottles that actually looks like a waterfall.

We drove by the public library where the outside wall is covered with giant books spines. They are so realistic they almost look like you could pull them out to read them - if you were a giant, of course.

Bernie got to see the hotel Mar stayed in and the Convention Center she worked in, which is about two blocks from the hotel. The Convention Center is so big, she had to walk another 4-5 blocks once inside. She spent her days reading hundreds of student essays for eight hours a day. Mar got plenty of exercise both mentally and physically these past eight days. She is tired and her feet hurt.

Tomorrow is Mar’s birthday and she wants to spend it doing absolutely nothing. We decided to go to a campground so she could watch the Food Network while getting some much needed rest. There aren’t many campgrounds in the area but we called The Campus RV Park and got the last space they had available.

But first we headed to Walmart. Eight days ago we had to empty out the fridge and most of the pantry, so we had to stock up again.

Then we went to the campground in Independence MO. Bernie hooked up the water, electric, and cable. We turned on the AC for the first time since last year. Then Bernie made chicken alfredo pizza on the grill for our dinner tonight. We are happy to just stay put for a couple of days.

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  1. oh, i so want to stalk you two! i am chafing at the bit to get back on the road! i didn't know when bernie was flying back so i prayed for her plane for the last couple days straight. and i'm happy mar is not alone in that city anymore....