Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're back!

Last Wednesday we drove west for three hours to Hart MI. From there we went to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival where we’ve spent the last four days.

This is a huge festival with lots of concerts, workshops, and activities. It is a camping event, there were tent campers and RV campers. Every night there were campfires burning late into the night and the sound of the music coming from the stage was our background as we fell asleep. The weather was great until the last day when it rained all night.

Today we packed up and got ready to leave. We headed south about an hour to the beach in Muskegon MI. This is a nice beach and there were tons of people there today. Bernie worked on her crafts in front of the water. Mar had to work on her online classes, so she got on her laptop while watching the water.

Today was pretty hot and humid, when it threatened rain we took off and drove south another half hour to Grand Haven MI. After driving around downtown, we parked near the marina. A little while later, the sky suddenly got dark and the wind picked up. At one point the wind was so strong it felt like it could almost flip Bella over.

We checked the weather online and saw there was a thunderstorm warning for the area. We had checked the weather before coming here but it didn't say anything about a thunderstorm then. Luckily it didn’t last long and we were able to stop worrying.

As it got close to 10 pm we walked over to the marina and sat down to wait for the Musical Fountain Show. After a few minutes someone announced the show was canceled because of a power outage due to the earlier thunderstorm. We were so disappointed. Then we headed to Walmart to park for the night.


  1. how was the biggest gathering of lesbians? always wanted to go, but it is expensive, however it sounds like a great time. something for everyone. what jobs did you get to do? it's more than a camping event for 1000's of women, but the only way to go is to RV or camp.
    i dont think the great lakes are an ocean, big but not salt water. glad you are enjoying the midwest before it ices over.

  2. Hey you two,...better check your atlas,...Muskegon is on Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes,.... NOT the ocean!

  3. the women's music festival sounds like it was wonderful! i think of you guys every day!

  4. Interesting about Walmart. I recently parked in one for the night and was woken up at midnight when they closed by a security guard that told me I couldn't stay there all night. I thought that you could stay at any Walmart all night, but they told me it's only the "free standing" stores (meaning that they own the building) if Walmart is leasing a building and the owner doesn't permit it,you can't "RV" there all night. There are only 2 "free standing" Walmart stores in the San Diego area that you can stay at. The other ones don't allow it. Maybe because it's such a busy, touristy area with lots of RVer's.

  5. 1. The festival was quite an experience. Yes, it is expensive but we were lucky that someone donated a ticket to us. We were so surprised and extremely grateful.

    2. It sure looks just like the "ocean" when you're there :-)

    3. Thanks, Kate, we miss ya!!

    4. Sorry to hear you got awakened in the middle of the night. We stay at Walmarts from time to time and so far, knock on wood, no problems.