Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Following the hail

As soon as we finished up packing the last few things, we were ready to hit the road. The first thing we did today was go to Walmart to buy fuses. We bought extras to keep on hand. Then we went to Home Depot to return the leftover materials that we ended up not needing for the bed.

Then we set out to find a Washington Mutual. Bernie got paid with a check at this last job and it took us a while to find a branch. The bank charges $5 to cash their own check. Now that is highway robbery, plain and simple.

Next we headed to Ikea in Round Rock TX, to get a mattress for the new bed. Mar tested all the firm mattresses and luckily found one she liked that we could afford.

While we were there we could tell it was raining pretty hard outside, so we just took our time, it is such a fun store. The rain had almost stopped by the time we came out, just a light sprinkle was falling by then.

It was now almost dinnertime so we headed to B. B. Rovers in Austin, where we were to meet Ron for dinner. Ron is a new friend from our vandwellers yahoo group, who happened to be in town tonight.

As we got closer, we started noticing something white on the ground and realized that it was hail, big pieces of hail and plenty of it.

When we parked at the restaurant, we noticed the cars had big dents all over them, and many of the windshields were cracked. When we went inside, Ron told us we had just missed the hailstorm and we talked about all the damage the hail did to the cars in the parking lot.

We went outside to see the damage to his van and he gave us a tour of his van. The van wasn’t too badly damaged but the windshield was in bad shape. We were so blessed that the hail didn’t make it to the area of the Ikea store where we were, about 15 minutes away.

Ron loves this restaurant and recommended the pizza. We had the cheese pizza with mushrooms and onions, and the veggie basket.

After dinner, we got on 183 and drove until we found a Walmart. There are still some things we need to finish up the repairs in Bella, but didn’t find anything we needed at Walmart tonight. The floor in Bella is wood laminate but the cab area still has the original carpet, which got wet from the leak so it has to go. We want to replace it with some type of rubber floor or something that is easy to keep clean.

We then rented a movie from RedBox and parked for the night.

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