Thursday, March 5, 2009

New tooth

Today Bernie woke up and went to the dentist, which was conveniently located just outside our door. We were lucky to find a dentist who could do a one day crown. Dr. Aubrey Baudean and his staff were very nice. Bernie was a little anxious so they have her some nitro and it helped her feel much better about the whole process. Bernie is very happy with her new crown.

The dentist appointment took pretty much the whole day. By the time we left there it was late afternoon. We drove about half an hour back to Jackson Square in the French Quarter. Bernie decided she wanted to go paint where there are artists and street performers. This was her first experience painting in public and she loved it.

Then we drove about 10 minutes to Magazine Street to check out the last one on our list of the local restaurants from the Dinners, Drive-ins, and Dives show.

Casamentos Restaurant is decorated with pretty tile in the 1920 style on the floor and walls. A lot of famous people have been to this special little place and they have the signed tshirts on the wall to prove it. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. They are known for their seafood and their specialty is oysters on the half shell.

Our server talked Mar intro trying the oysters. She had never had them before and wasn’t sure she wanted to try them but she did and actually liked them. Bernie remembered trying them a long time ago and not liking them, but she decided to try them tonight too and ended up liking them.

For dinner Bernie had the shrimp dinner and Mar had the trout dinner. They were both delicious, light, and flaky.

We had planned to leave today but then decided to spend one more night in New Orleans in case Bernie needs to see the dentist again.

We figured the best use of our extra time here in town, would be to go back to Cafe Du Monde for some more beignets and café au lait. The weather tonight was nice, so we sat at the tables and took in the whole experience. The beignets are divine and the coffee is just perfect.

Then we drove about ten minutes to the New Orleans Museum of Art to park for the night. We want to see their Sculpture Garden tomorrow before we leave town.

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  1. So how about a photo of Bernie's painting? Kathe