Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rainy day

A couple of days ago it was so hot we woke up sweating. Today we were freezing when we woke up. It was dark, cold, and rainy all day today, with temps in the upper 40s.

This afternoon Mar had work to do so she stayed in Bella working on her laptop while Bernie went to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. They have free admission on Thursdays and they have some great art collections.

In the evening we had to turn on the generator to charge the batteries since we did very little driving today. We were then able to use our space heater to warm us up and the microwave to warm up our dinner. Tonight we had chicken and mofongo that Mar had prepared during her last cooking marathon.

Next we went to buy our drinking water, because we were totally out. After that we went to find a place to park for the night. We parked next to the Project Row Houses so we can see the place tomorrow.

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  1. Mary, the cleaning woman on my floor at work, is from Honduras. i've been looking into going to that country. she said there are beautiful beaches on the northern shore, which is the general area she is from. i saw a program about it recently on the Travel Channel -- Samantha Brown went there, as the hostess on her program/series about travels in Latin America. it looks a lot like Costa Rica

    i've been practicing Spanish with her; she speaks no English. we're having fun!

    the other day i bought some shoes on sale at WalMart for $10 a pair, kinda dressy work shoes with a very low heel, a brand called White Stag. i bought the wrong size, they were huge on me, and it was her size exactly, so i gave them to her. she was so thrilled! they don't get paid much, and she has 2 young daughters. i didn't want to hurt her pride, so i told her in Spanish that i lost the receipt, so it was "un regalo de Dios" to her. she's such a hard-worker and so sweet that it's a joy to give her little gifts of food and so on, whatever she can use

    i got sick a work one night, food poisoning, and i passed out in the ladies' restroom. she found me on the floor and called for help. she's so sweet; when i came to she was wetting my face with a paper towel, lightly rubbing it

    it was great to meet you two! i saw something on Van Dwellers about a big get-together at The Slabs in Feb. 2010, so it's on my calendar. c u then if not before!!!

    Juanita V