Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mother earth

We spent the night in the Green Project parking lot, which happens to be right next to the railroad tracks. Not only are the trains extremely loud but we were so close we felt the earth shake every time a train passed by. We just can’t seem to get away from the trains since we got to the Gulf.

Today Mar had to work on her online class. Meanwhile Bernie went inside to check out the Green Project.

It is a huge space with three different warehouses and a salvage yard across the street. Each warehouse has something different but you really can’t tell where one ends and the other one begins. The place is full of old doors, windows, toilets, bathtubs, paint, and all kinds of construction and recyclable materials. They have everything from tile to door knobs.

The people working there were very friendly. It was a great place to hang out and get a good vibe for life and mother earth. They work only with donations and depend on volunteers.

Bernie was inspired and got some materials for less than a dollar to do a painting. She loves to paint and she was glad to have the time today to do some painting.

When Bernie was done with her masterpiece, we drove about 5 minutes to the next restaurant on our list of restaurants from the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show.

The Joint is a small place, very colorful and informal. We ordered the three meat combo. We really liked the pulled pork and the ribs, but the brisket was just ok. The Joint has no french fries or even onion rings, so we got the green salad with our combo. The bbq sauce was a bit too spicy for us but we added some mayonnaise to it and then it was perfect.

Earlier this afternoon Bernie got on the phone and called all the dentists in the area that accept our dental plan. She finally found one that can do a crown in one day so she made an appointment for tomorrow.

Tonight after dinner we drove about half an hour to Marrero LA to the dentist's office and parked in their parking lot for the night.

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