Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What doesn’t kill you

They say challenges and difficulties in life give you strength and build character. Well, we should have tons of strength and character by now!

Today we were cleaning and packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow. While Bernie was finishing up the new bed and putting it in place, she asked Mar to turn on the pump to test the water system before putting it all back into place.

Mar turned on the switch for the pump and nothing happened. The pump for the fresh water tank was not working. But why?

We could not believe this was happening, we didn’t think anything else could possibly go wrong!

We started brainstorming possible solutions, got online to find answers, pulled out the rv repair books, tested the voltage, called the company (they were closed) and nothing helped, nothing worked.

In desperation we emailed one of our yahoo groups, explaining our problem and gave our phone number, begging for anyone who could help us to call us. A little while later, we got a phone call.

Larry, from the vandwellers yahoo group, called and explained how to tell if the fuse was bad. Bernie pulled it out and that was it, a blown fuse. We don’t have extra fuses so we had to “borrow” the one for the furnace (we know we won’t be needing that one for a while).

As soon as the fuse went in, the pump came on. We thought it was the most beautiful sound ever. We actually jumped for joy and high fived each other, it was such a great relief to have that problem solved. We are so grateful to Larry for helping us!

By then we were physically and emotionally exhausted. We finished up most of the packing and organizing, and called it a night. They must be right, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

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