Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring forward

We lost an hour today so we seem to be more tired than usual. But it sure was nice having an extra hour of daylight today to explore our destination.

Today Bernie went to mass and afterward she walked around picking up aluminum cans along the way. Bernie was inspired by her visits to the Green Project and has now decided that as part of her ‘clean up the earth campaign’ she will pick up the aluminum cans she finds wherever we go. Just today she has gathered a whole bag of them, it was a great start.

Then we drove about three hours west on I-10 and then south, towards Galveston TX. We really don’t like to drive that much in one day but we wanted to get to the beach and it was actually a pretty good drive. The weather was perfect today.

Once in Galveston we saw a bakery with Mar’s last name (Navarro) so of course we had to stop. It was fun because we didn’t recognize any of the baked goods so we got a couple that looked good just to try them.

We went to find the three visitor centers we knew about. One is no longer there, and the other two were closed and they didn’t have any info outside for us to take, like many other visitor centers do.

Then we found Seawall Boulevard, which is the road that follows along the beach, and we went from one end to the other. The sights, sounds, and smells from the ocean are just wonderful.

Then we found a Walmart that is on the beach and we parked for the night. We can actually hear the ocean from the Walmart parking lot, it’s a great sound.

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