Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beds on wheels

As we were getting ready to go, Bernie went outside to take care of some things and noticed that there were yellow splatters all over the side of Bella, towards the back.

This made us realize what that noise was last night. The pangs we heard were from a drive by shooting with a paintball gun! We were shocked!

Thankfully the paint was still wet so we were able to wipe it all off with paper towels. We know this was a random act, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but still makes us realize the vulnerability of our little home to the outside world.

Once Bella was all clean, we headed to downtown Forty Wayne IN and got an amazing parking spot. We went to see the Bed Race, one of the events of the Three Rivers Festival.

A bed race is just what it sounds like. People put wheels on all kinds of beds and then run while pushing the bed with one person on it, from one end of the street to the other. This was so funny. There were so many people out to see this race, the street was crammed and there was a festive atmosphere.

After the race we went to the Foellinger Outdoor Theatre to see The Tale of Despereaux. This was a free showing in an outdoors half shell with real theater type seating. The place seats several hundred people and it was pretty full, and there were tons of kids everywhere of course. We really enjoyed the movie.

After the movie, we stayed in the parking lot. We found some trees to hopefully get some shade for the morning sun tomorrow.

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