Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Benadryl

Today we drove about fifteen minutes to City Market in Indianapolis IN. The website said they were open till 6 pm and we were disappointed to see row after row of empty booths.

Lucky for us one of the few still open was a produce stand. We purchased some arugula and an avocado. Then we walked the rest of the empty market till we made our way back out.

Next we drove about ten minutes to the White River State Park and went to the visitor center there. This is a huge suburban park with lots to look at. We had decided to get our bikes down to take a look around the park, when it started to rain. We were so bummed out. It would have been a perfect place to ride our bikes.

Bernie is out of Benadryl and since we also needed some groceries, we headed out to find a Walmart. There Bernie talked to the pharmacist about the rash on her face but she didn’t have any new or different advice.

We got the Benadryl, a few groceries, a movie from RedBox and headed out. We drove north for about 20 minutes to Zionsville IN. We found parking behind some shops, had our dinner, and watched the movie. We can't wait to go out exploring tomorrow.

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