Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free play

Today we left Fort Wayne IN and drove about twenty minutes to the post office in Churubusco, IN to pick up our mail.

We got an extra package in the mail today. Mar handed Bernie the package and she was very excited to open it. It had two lightweight pants, one shirt, and three books. One of our friends, Kate, was having a yard sale because she’s moving and thought of us so she wanted to send us some things. We love the goodies we got from our friend Kate!

Then we drove west about an hour to Winona Lake IN. There we went to Grace College for the Master Works Festival. This is four-week classical performing arts training program with tons of free music, dance, and theatre performances, open to the public.

We came to see the performance of “Our Town” at 8 pm tonight. They had lots of parking so we found a shaded spot towards the back. While we waited, Bernie tried to set up the satellite dish we just got. The installation manual wasn’t much help so she called customer service, but that didn’t help much either, she couldn’t finish it today.

After dinner, we went to see the play, it was pretty good and entertaining. Then we went back to Bella as it started to rain, so we stayed in the parking lot for the night.

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  1. What satellite service did you choose?