Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raspberries and fireflies

Mar woke up early and happy, she gets so excited every time we go see a house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Last night we were able to park pretty close to the house so we just walked there when it was time for our tour.

Once there we found out we were the only ones on this tour, what a treat for us. The Westcott house is a prairie style house, much different from the other FLW houses we’ve seen.

The house has a slight Asian feel on the outside. The inside is done in wood and colored plaster walls. We learned about FLW’s innovative use of rainwater. He designed an elaborate system to funnel the water back to the house. This is quite interesting since this system is used today in many green buildings.

After this we drove about five miles to the home of Cheryl and David. Cheryl had sent us an email to invite us to raid their garden and park in their driveway.

We arrived in the early evening and they were very kind and welcoming. After connecting the water and electric, they took us for a walk on their ten acres of land. Then they took us to their garden, where we were able to pick green peppers, squash, rhubarb, lettuce, raspberries, beets, chives, and all kinds of goodies.

Then Cheryl showed us her secret camping place, where we could have a fire, sit and relax. Cheryl surprised us by bringing out some chicken breasts to cook over the grill with all our veggies. We sat around in this small fort like place enjoying the lovely evening while getting to know each other. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. Even the bugs didn’t bother us too much.

After dinner Cheryl and David invited us into their home for dessert. We had vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries from their garden. It was delicious and refreshing.

Then they gave us the tour of their home, which was built in 1890. It is a beautiful house with great historic touches. They have lived here for over thirty years. Mar had started the laundry earlier and it was now done.

With our clean laundry we went back to Bella. We are parked in a small field next to the house, with pear trees and a big beautiful red barn. There are tons of fireflies everywhere and the stars are bright in the sky. Life is grand!

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