Saturday, July 4, 2009

More fireworks

Today we woke up to drizzling rain. We took the movie back to RedBox and rented another one because we got a code for a free rental because of the holiday weekend. Then we took off towards Springfield OH, about an hour away.

On the way we stopped at an Amish store to look around. They had lots of wood furniture and lovely home decor. Then we drove through a small town that seemed interesting so we decided to stop to go explore.

We went around the block to park behind the main street shops and to our surprise there were murals on the back of the buildings. These were done very well, huge and colorful, and were quite interesting.

We then walked Main Street in Yellow Springs OH. Most of the businesses were closed because of the holiday but we found both a bookstore and a coffee shop that were open. The town seems interesting and modern, with a big emphasis on green living and artful expression. I turned out to be pretty cool for an unexpected stop along the way.

We made it to Springfield and found the Frank Lloyd Wright house where we have reservations for a tour tomorrow.

We found parking just around the corner and had a big, yummy salad for dinner. Then we heard fireworks going off and got to watch another fireworks show tonight!

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