Thursday, July 23, 2009

Four Winds

We had a small change in plans. We found out about the free tours at the Four Winds factory and since Bella is a Four Winds, we decided to do that today and check out to the farmers market tomorrow instead.

So we headed to Four Winds and took the tour with five other people, most of them from Florida too.

We saw the A wing, this is where class A motorhomes are made. We really wished we could have seen the class C wing instead. The guide was very nice and it was interesting to see the different stages of building a motorhome.

We haven’t had any luck finding rv junkyards in the area so we went to the parts department at the factory, since we were already there, but they close at 4 pm and the tour was over at 4:30 pm. No luck there either.

We then went to Walmart to get a few groceries, we rented a movie from RedBox, and got gas for $2.33.

Then we went back to the American Countryside Farmers Market, where we parked for the night, so we can go in and see it tomorrow.

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