Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dish for Bella

Today we had to go grocery shopping so we went to the Walmart in Ottawa OH. Now that we are trying to eat healthy our shopping list is a little different than before. Shopping takes a little longer while we read and compare labels.

Next we headed to meet new folks in Dupont OH, about 15 minutes away. Dupont is a really small town, the whole town is about 15 blocks, with one traffic light, and no businesses. Julie and Gene emailed us to offer us their extra satellite dish, tripod, and receiver that they no longer need. It is all about six months old. This is great for us!

As we pulled into their driveway the first thing we saw was their rig, it is a huge 42 feet class A motorhome. We got the tour and were amazed at how much room there is, our Bella could fit in there a few times!

The town of Dupont is having a community garage sale this weekend. We sat outside with Julie getting to know each other, while people came by for her sale. It was a nice day to just sit and relax in the afternoon sun.

Julie's teenage daughter needed the battery cables cleaned in her car so Bernie did that for her. Then Juile and Gene bought us dinner, their daughter went to get wings for everyone.

After dinner, Bernie went with them to the house of Julie's sister, two doors down, to learn how to use a land level. On the way back Gene mentioned going to get ice cream. You should have seen the smile on Bernie’s face. They went to Twister’s and brought home a chocolate sundae for Mar.

Julie and her family are all very nice. It has been a pleasure to be here and meet them. Tomorrow Julie has some work for Bernie so it looks like we will stay a couple of days.

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