Friday, June 13, 2008

Another town

Today we headed to Cochran GA where we had located a campground to spend a couple of days. As we drove in we were happy to see lots of shade and lots of trees. The "office" was a little wood house and the owners were very friendly and accommodating. The park was almost empty so they said we could drive around and pick any site we wanted. We used our Passport America discount and only paid $10 per night.

So we drove up and down unpaved roads, and in and out of small spaces. Once we found our space we parked and went to explore the campground. Of course we went to check out the restrooms first. Two out of the three bath houses we could not use. The third was nicer and newer but we couldn't use it either, mainly because of the bugs! Yes, the bugs! Too many bugs! Bugs everywhere!

Back at Bella, Bernie put her new grill together and made dinner: mac and cheese and kielbasa. And we had mojitos (again :-) yummy!!

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