Monday, June 16, 2008

On the road again

Today we left the campground. We went to Best Buy to buy Microsoft Windows XP for Mar's MacBook. Believe you me, Mar would never want to spend one penny on anything Windows, but it turns out the mapping software we got, requires Windows. Which then required VMware Fusion to be able to run Windows on the Mac.

Mar had a bad experience at Best Buy. She was being helped by a black employee when a black customer walked up. He stopped helping Mar and started helping this lady. And if that wasn't enough, when Mar was standing in line waiting to check out, the employee took this lady directly to a register in front of Mar and checked her out first! We could hardly believe this was happening. It made her feel like racism comes in all fashions. How could he be so rude. And so obvious! We were dumb struck. It felt horrible and we would hope no one has to feel this way.

Our next adventure was trying to locate a laundromat which is not as easy as it sounds, but we needed to do our laundry. We finally found one and had dinner in Bella while we did our laundry. The owner was from Ecuador and his laundromat was very clean and well taken care of. He was very friendly and came outside to see Bella, since he had never been inside an rv. Then we went to the local Walmart, across the street, to spend the night.

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  1. I've had that same experience in Atlanta...could not believe. Left and never will come back to Best Buy or any with personnel like that.