Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Savannah here we come

Today we drove to Savannah and got there in the late afternoon. We stopped at the welcome center. Unfortunately it was closed but they had has a map up with directions to the next welcome center. We set out to find this next welcome center. If you have ever been to Savannah, which we had not, then you know how tiny and bumpy some of the streets can be.

We ended up on a street called River Street. Which seemed to be the right place to be but not exactly the best to place drive an rv. After finding a street that went the right way we tried getting out. A bit of a challenge as this street was a hill. And this "hill" was straight up and you had to make a right turn out of it. Mar, who was driving, handled it like a pro and we made it out alive with Bella in one piece.

Once on Bay Street, we were able to find parking and went off to explore River Street on foot. As we were walking we could hear a saxophone playing. We decided to sit and listen. A man was playing the blues, by the water in front of a memorial statue. We then noticed a man making roses out of palm fronds. After watching for a while Bernie picked up some fronds from the ground and started trying to make a rose on her own. We began walking while Bernie was still trying. We stumbled upon another vendor who was teaching a boy to make the roses. We stopped and watched and the vendor asked Bernie if she wanted to learn. He was able to successfully teach Bernie how to make a rose. She was elated.

We then walked back to Bella and drove around to find a place to stay in the area. We ended up at the parking lot of Comfort Inn at the end of Bay Street. Of course, as newbies we are bound to make some mistakes. And our first one happened that night. We ran out of water as Bernie was taking her shower. She had to use cups of bottled water to finish rinsing off. The next morning the hotel staff were very nice and kindly enough lent us the water hose to fill our fresh water tank.

While Bernie was filling up the water tank, Mar went inside to do the dishes. And we made our second mistake as newbies that day. The grey tank was full. It overflowed, and the dishwater filled up the shower with yucky water. Luckily, the water didn't go anywhere else and hopefully, it will not happen again, we learned our lesson.

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